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This post will take about 16 minutes of your time.
Not because of my text, but the video is 16 minutes. If you don’t have the 16 minutes now – please come back later.

The 16 minutes are worth it! It shows how simple it is to validate others. Make them feel happy, make them smile, make a difference. And anybody can do it. So please take your time to watch this video. You will see some familiar things too: The actor from ‘Bones’, a RE/MAX sign, happy and sad faces, silly behaviour and more.

Start today to validate someone. Your partner, your kids, your colleagues or whoever! Make a difference the easy way. You never know how it will come back to you.
Maybe not as romantic as in this short movie – but I for one am convinced it will.

Do leave a comment if you got validated yourself, or if your validation came around to you!

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