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Now that is an interesting title, isn’t it?
Today I was contacted by Sandra Mathewson from RE/MAX Complete in Reno, Nevada. And no, she did not ask me to come and gamble there! This was a message about her blog post with the same title. And since she is connected with me via LinkedIn, she ’tagged’ me in her message asking me to do the same. Now that is very Kehwl! Thank you Sandra!

Her blog is located on Active Rain  -a very active blogsite for Real Estate, mainly focussed on the American Real Estate market. It is a great resource and many high level and quality Real Estate Professionals contribute to it. Now I am not going to join it though, here is why:

  • I am based in Europe (Netherlands), therefore any contributions I could make are not that usefull for most North American Realtors
  • With 2 blogs, 2 active social networking sites and my twitter account I am rather busy and have to balance my time carefully

However, the initiative about this viral social media interaction is kinda neat – therefore I decided to blog about it.

Sandra, I am tremendously honoured you have picked me out of your vast list of contacts. I cannot match you, you rock! If anybody in my network is ever looking for a great Real Estate Agent in Reno, I know who to recommend.

Now about them seven things…. Those that follow me on Twitter, or read my blogs or my Dutch website should already know a lot more about me and those 7 things. So if you are curious, please do follow me on Twitter and feel free to interact with me. I will respond!

If you are curious about the viral social media thingy and the original post from Sandra – you find it here:

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